What makes Great Christian Academy Special?

Great Christian Academy is a school that provides a conducive learning environment through academics, sports, and liberal arts. Through innovative learning approaches, learners enjoy participatory learning experiences that hones their reasoning and critical thinking. Thus, teaching the learners how to weight odds and options and fluently express their opinions based on presented facts. GCA encourages critical thinking that would help learners succeed later in life.

GCA  inculcates Christian’s values and shapes learners to become 21st century citizens that puts God first, others second, and self last.

With the healthy mix of academics, sports, enrichment activities, and Christian values, GCA aims to help learners thrive as productive 21st century Christian citizens. With this said, there is no better way than to start building the mental and spiritual foundation of your child in the early stage of academic years. Thus, choosing a school is a crucial decision in realizing your child’s potential. Needless to say, Great Christian Academy is the perfect venue for your child to discover his talents and potentials, and prepare him to become a 21st century citizen with strong Christian values.