Ways On How to Deal with Bullies

If your child’s enthusiasm in attending school seems to change as compared to before, one of the probable reason is bullying. Fact is, bullying is not just inflicting physical pain to the other person, but it also inflicts psychological pain. Hence, a child in distress over bullying affects a child’s performance and attitude at school.  Although schools are doing their best to deal with bullies and help students, parents also play a crucial role in teaching their kids how to deal with bullies.

Here are some ways on how parents teach their children on dealing with bullies.

  1. Parents must teach kids the value of respecting others. Parents and teachers alike can present it through games and discussions wherein students can be asked to reflect on what they learned and felt about the games and exercises on how to deal with bullies.
  2. Kids must learn how to put themselves in other people’s shoes, so as to better understand what the others felt when bullied. This way, children are taught on how to be emphatic and understanding towards his peers.
  3. Parents must teach their kids on how to properly respond to bullying. Ask the kids to list down their possible responses from hurtful bully words and discuss the implications of the said responses. This will also help them develop their emotional intelligence.
  4. Parents help their kids develop their self confidence is also a great way to prevent bullying. With this said, children who are confident won’t easily give in into peer pressure.

But how to deal with bullies if your kid is the school bully? How should parents react and address the issue?

If your kid is the bully, keeping an open communication with the teacher will help you keep track on what your kid is doing at school. However, it is to note that parents must avoid scolding the child. Instead, parents must spend time to calmly know the reason behind the bullying and immediately rectify it by making the child understand the effects of bullying towards another person.

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