Tips to Help Your Child Transition to Online Learning

The COVID pandemic has disrupted the school calendar and forced learners to move to online learning. Although spending time online is not something new, you still need to help your child smoothly transition from the traditional learning to online, and here are some tips.   

  • Set your child’s learning schedule. Just like in school where your child has learning and play activities on a given time, your child’s online learning schedule should also have a good mix of learning the basic subjects and play time.   

  • Develop an online learning routine. Sticking to the schedule will help your child develop an online learning discipline and veer away from procrastination. 

  • Supplement your child’s online learning with some offline activities. This will keep your child from spending too much time online. Offline activities are also good bonding moments for you and your child. 

  • Create an online group study and activities. Reach out to the other parents and classmates of your child. You and other parents can set a schedule where your child and classmates can collaborate online. 

  • Set a schedule to test your child’s learning. Just like in a traditional classroom, tests and examinations can online be given online. There are a good number of online resources that offer free tests, or you can do the test offline as well. 

  • Give your child treats and rewards for a job well done or whenever your child reaches a milestones. Come up with an agreement with your child on the kind reward that he or she wants.

To successfully help your child smoothly transition to online learning, you must also do your own preparation and research. Know the websites that could maximize your child’s online learning experience or work with your child’s teachers on the appropriate resources and online learning modules that your child need to work on. 

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