The Great Dawn

The Great Dawn

The Official Newsletter of Great Christian Academy

We are pleased to announce the release of the 6th issue of The Great Dawn, GCA’s The Great Dawn was spearheaded by our late founder Rev. Jose Gutierrez. 

As you dive into our newsletter’s pre-pandemic edition, we hope you remember the contributions of Rev. Gutierrez in our school, particularly his aim to help children in struggling families step into the halls of our establishment. 

Our traditional newsletter may be cancelled but thank God for technology! We were able to produce the long-overdue online copy of The Great Dawn.

Thank you to Teacher Trish Tamayo and all the students who made significant contributions to our newsletter.

Please invite every member of our community and new interested members who want to get to know Great Christian Academy more to have a copy of The Great Dawn. Know GCA’s principles, goals, and achievements in this pre-pandemic edition.

Feel free to share the link and read The Great Dawn here: