Sacrifices of Teachers Students Are Not Aware Of

This may come as a surprise for some, but teaching is not just a profession; teaching is also a sacrifice. Unlike other 8 to 5 jobs wherein employees clock in and out of work on a specified time, the work of a teacher does not end at 5 or the time when he or she stepped out of the school grounds. Their work extends to the wee hours of the night planning checking assignments and reports. They also need to prepare for lesson plans and teaching strategies that would catch the attention of the students and inspire them to study harder.

However, aside from the typical work of a teacher, which is to teach, at times, they also need to be a friend, a counselor or adviser. A role that traditional office employees need not face. But what are the sacrifices of teachers that many students are not aware of?

  • Teachers work long hours. As mentioned above, their work last up to the wee hours of the morning preparing tailored lesson plans.


  • They never cease to learn. Teachers also need to study and constantly update their knowledge about the topics or subjects that they need to teach. They understand that students are like sponges absorbing the knowledge that the teachers present them. Hence, teachers need to be careful, well prepared and knowledgeable of the subject matter for him / her to teach his / her students effectively.

  • Teachers are patient. Patience is a virtue, so they say. But for teachers, patience is a must. They even need to learn and practice patience in dealing with students. In line with this, teachers understand that students are bound to make mistakes. They are students after all. Hence, it is the role of the teachers to call out those mistakes and help the students rectify them.


  • Teachers are versatile. They perform multiple roles: as a teacher, guidance officer and even as a friend. They won’t be called the ‘second parent’ for nothing.

So, are there other sacrifices of teachers that you want to add? Share it with us in the comment section below.   

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