Radio Host Mommie Bessie Shares Parenting Tips at “Parenting in the Digital Age” Seminar

Radio host and parenting advocate Dr. Blesilda Rios shared her knowledge and experiences on modern-day parenting at Great Christian Academy’s (GCA) “Parenting in the Digital Age” Seminar.


“Parenting in the Digital Age” held last December 8, 2018 at the GCA Auditorium was attended by parents and guardians to learn about early childhood development from Dr. Blesilda Rios.


The seminar focused on topics about the internet and child supervision in using gadgets and technology. Dr. Rios also discussed the dangers of letting the children wander on the internet and be exposed to internet predators who might lure kids in inappropriate sites and searches.


Dr. Rios recommended five tips for the parents on how to guide their kids in using the internet:


Regulate the right to participation

The internet can offer great opportunities where children can learn and be creative. It’s also where they can spend their leisure time, express themselves, and develop their decision-making skills.


The event was attended by parents and guardians to learn about early childhood development from Dr. Blesilda Rios.

Reinforce knowledge constantly

Set the rules in using these available resources. While the children may be better in using technology, parents are better in coursing through life. Parents’ wisdom can guide the children on the right path.


Restraint overreactions

Do not overreact and carefully explain the possible consequences of their actions and use of their gadgets and the internet. Avoid moral panics.


Regain connection with the child

Bring back your connection with the child. Being busy with work can make the child feel neglected. Know what’s going on in their lives, how their days went, and guide the children instead of blaming them. It’s also great to set up house rules in using gadgets and accessing stuff online.


Relate action with the talks

Be a good model for the child. Make them feel that they are your priority and not any other interest. Dr. Rios is an educator, author, host, and parenting enthusiast. You can check her blog Mommy Bessie for more parenting-related tips.

From left to right: Kyle Velasco, official event photographer; Ms Jesseca Gutierrez Flamiano, Managing Director for Marketing and Student Affairs/Parenting Seminar organizer; Tr Trish Tamayo, emcee; Ms Andrea Gutierrez, School President; and Tr Anzel Garza, emcee

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