Would you entrust your child’s early childhood education to just about any school? No discening parent would say yes since early childhood education is crucial to a child’s development. A child entering school for the first time is like a sponge: absorbing words, behaviors and characters. Hence, a private this is not only a place where learners first learn to recite their ABCs, count numbers and properly identify animals through sounds or actions, but it is also a venue to build characters.



To give you an overview, here are some important points why choosing GCA is important:

- Great Christian Academy offers a balance of work-play curriculum.

- GCA develops socialization skills through fun learning activities that will help a child overcome shyness and boost self-confidence.

  • Teaches the child the concept of cooperation through group or team activities wherein they learn the concept of teamwork, sharing and fair play.
  • Great Christian Academy offers learning activities for wholistic development.
  • GCA don’t believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to learning. Hence, GCA recognizes the needs of learners to learn through innovative learning approaches that would hone a child’s mental, emotional, physical and social development.

- Great Christian Academy develops a child’s enthusiasm for learning.

A child’s enthusiasm for learning or the lack of it can stem from the child’s learning experience during his early childhood. Hence, making learning fun through innovative and creative ways would dispel a child’s fear in going to school. Needless to say, GCA’s introduction of innovative and creative learning activities will encourage a child to become better learners with eagerness to enthusiasm to learn more.

- Great Christian Academy teaches Christian values

GCA recognizes the diversity in family background and values. But as a Christian academic institution, GCA learners learn on how to become a 21st century citizen with strong Christian values.

Indeed, early childhood education is a crucial development that will greatly affect a child’s future. And entrusting a child’s education to just any school is a decision that parents must carefully decide on.