Nutri-Cooking Contest

GCA Nutri-Cooking Contest

By. Sara B. Rana

Grade 10 – Elijah


          July is a time to remember how important good nutrition is to everyday living and how it can helps others who may be suffering from hunger and malnutrition. At Great Christian Academy, there are few events that are happened in July to celebrate National Nutrition Month. To encourage healthy habits, selected students participated in a cooking contest. Students had to create the most interesting, “nutritious” food in an hour.  The school’s faculty got to taste and judged each dish. Each judge got a vote. At the end, the dish with the highest total points is the winner.


       This event is to implement healthy living and if switching to a healthy diet were easy, everyone would do it. So what should you do if you’re having a hard time choosing the right foods and sticking to a healthful eating pattern? Stay hydrated. This will help you reduce cravings and feel fuller. Don’t skip meals. Eat at about the same time each day, if you can. Get active. Just increasing activity a little bit may create a mindset to eat better too. Pre-plan around cravings. If you always get hungry for salt at 3 p.m. or sugar after dinner, have a healthier alternative ready to go. Forgive yourself when you slip up. Beating yourself up after a slip-up tends to unravel all of your goals; picking back up as though you didn’t make a misstep is a better option.


        Keep in mind that good choices, like eating a healthy diet, happens one at a time. A few small changes in the right direction can help improve your life now, and they may fatten your wallet too. Healthy eating is the practice of making choices about what and/or how much one eats with the intention of improving or maintaining good health.

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