Mr. Romeo. Yap Talks About COVID VS. Mental Health In GCA’s Online Webinar

Mr. Romeo. Yap Talks About COVID VS. Mental Health In GCA’s Online Webinar

It’s been a year, but the COVID-19 situation remains the same and the future remains uncertain. As such, the prevalence of stress, anxiety, and depression among the general public became a constant problem in the Philippines, one of the worst-hit countries in Asia. 

We, at Great Christian Academy (GCA), are aware of this problem. So, as a way to extend our helping hands, we’ve hosted an online webinar with the topic “Managing Anxiety in a Time of Pandemic” last July. The webinar aimed to help parents and children cope up with the daily challenges brought about by the pandemic. 

GCA invited Mr. Romeo Yap, a registered clinical psychologist and guidance counselor at the Department of Health’s National Center for Mental Health, to join us and provide mental health advice and assistance to our parents and students. 

Here’s what we learned from our guest speaker:

It’s Important To Be Physically Healthy

Mr. Yap emphasized that physical health is as important as our mental health, so he’s encouraging our parents and students to eat properly, sleep well, and exercise regularly. Being physically healthy eliminates more problems linked to COVID-19 and mental health.

Give Children Constant Attention And Assurance

Parents should bear the responsibility of informing their children of the current situation, said Mr. Yap. They should let them feel that their parents care about them. And while at it, parents should also reassure their children that there’s a future to look forward to. 

Remember That Anxiety Is Not Always A Bad Thing

Some degree of stress or anxiety isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if it keeps us motivated to do something, according to Mr. Yap. There’s a silver lining in every stressful situation that triggers our anxiety. 

Know That All Behaviors Are Motivated 

There’s a reason behind all the things we do. Hence, we can alter the things that motivate us to see things from a different perspective. Parents can change their mindset regarding the situation and encourage their children to do the same. 

Talk To An Expert If The Situation Calls For It 

Extreme anxiety, stress, or depression requires immediate attention from an expert. For parents and children who are stuck in this kind of situation, it’s best to seek help from a registered clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

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