Are You A Modern Day Hero?

Are you a modern day hero? Before you answer, first understand the definition of a hero and what makes a hero. Firstly, a hero is someone who is greatly admired or idealized because of his outstanding achievements and courage like that of a war hero or a martyr. But the definition of a hero somehow expanded beyond its definition since there are heroes who are not as brave as a war soldier yet created a big impact on the lives of many.


Hence, a hero can be the firefighter in your neighborhood or even your father. In the Philippines, we call the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) as heroes due to their sacrifices to work abroad and earn a living for their families. With this in mind, a hero is someone who shows selflessness for the love of his family and others like the OFWs and firefighters.


A hero can also be a bystander who happen to be on a place and time when a road accident occurred and had the chance to help someone. An ordinary child who showed extraordinary will and big heart to grow plants and vegetables for those who are hungry in his community can be a hero.


So, what makes a hero?


A hero is compassionate. Showing genuine care for somehow and putting the needs of others before one’s self can be innate for a person or it can be a conscious effort as well. But generally, those who are committed to perform heroic acts show great love and compassion for others, which moved them to act selflessly for others’ sake.
A hero is a leader. A person who leads through example and influences others to do good for others is a hero. With this in mind, a student who initiated to plant crops and vegetables to give to his hungry or less fortunate neighbors can be a hero.
A hero serves as an inspiration. Inspiring people to do good for others and create a ripple of effect can be a hero. To give you a clear idea on how a simple idea can create a ripple effect and affect the lives of others, watch this video.



By now, you must have a clear idea on what makes a hero. So, are you a modern day hero?


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