High School

High school is where your kids spend four critical years before entering college and adulthood. It is in high school were they formed long lasting friendships and relationships, discover their capabilities and potentials, and it is also when they start to realize their dreams and aspirations. And since high school is probably the most important stage in an adolescent’s life, choosing the best high school in Paranaque is a significant decision for parents.


With this, Great Christian Academy is the perfect place for students to discover their capabilities and potentials. Using different innovative learning approaches, GCA ensures that students receives wholistic learning wherein students receive trainings and education to develop their mental faculties and emotional intelligence. Sports and arts are offered to develop a child’s hunger for learning and discovery and shape a child’s personality. Hence, finding the perfect high school in Paranaque for your kids will help your child become a well-rounded individual.



But aside from a list of academic and extra curricular activities, GCA also bridges a student to come closer to God. As a Christian school, learners are honed to accept God as their saviour and live the Christian values. Even in their elementary years, children are taught Christian virtuous that would later on help them become God-fearing 21st century citizens.


More so, GCA faculty members and staff put the child’s welfare at heart. Hence, GCA recognizes the importance of parent-teacher relationship in moulding and guiding the child. Thus, the parents are advised and kept well-informed on the developments and challenges that their child faces. Hence, both teachers and parents can work on the best way to mould and guide the child into becoming the best the child can be.


So, why enroll in Great Christian Academy? Simply because finding the best high school in Paranaque for your child is essential in your child’s success in the future.