Growing in Both Intellect, and Character

By Elijah James Cabinian

       Four years ago, I visited Great Christian Academy to take my NAT exam. During that time, I was looking around for a good school I could transfer to, so that I could study somewhere better for high school. Finding myself interested in GCA, I decided to ask my mom to check it out. When we came here, they mentioned the ACE Curriculum. My mom was interested, and so was I. So we decided to enroll myself into the ACE Department.


  In my first year, I wasn’t a very good student. I was always having a hard time, I threw tantrums, and I even threatened my classmates. This affected my grades and my character significantly. In the later years, my teachers, and my friends guided me and helped me throughout the rest of my time in this school. I felt happy. I felt like I had found my second home. And gradually, my grades, and my intellect grew. But that’s not all. Through the guidance of my fellow ACEans, and my beloved teachers, I learned to treat others better.


  Now, after having completed Junior High, I can say that I really appreciate the things that Great Christian Academy has done for me. I came from a school where I was bullied, and was treated as a scapegoat for my classmates’ mistakes.  Transferring to GCA changed that. And it changed me, and helped me through those troubled times. They helped me find a better outlook in life, and showed me that hard work, and faith in God can help you accomplish anything! I’m now a student in Centro Escolar University, with a full-scholarship, President of the Honor’s Society, and a well-adjusted citizen. All I can say now is, Thank you GCA, thank you to all the teachers, and to all the friends I made. You’re the greatest!

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