Group Study Versus Studying Alone: What Works?

By Jesseca Gutierrez Flamiano


study in a private school in paranaque cityWhich do you prefer? Studying alone or with a group? Every student have different study habits and preferences. Some can focus more and study better when they are alone while some may find group study more encouraging. On some days, those who study alone may want to join a group and vice versa. Needless to say, one study option is no better than the other since it still boils down on what study habit works best for you. But for the sake of discussion.


Here are some points on the advantages of studying alone and with a group.


Why studying alone works?


  • Studying alone can help you minimize distractions. When studying with a group, conversation may veer away from the subject matter, which may include current events, personal and social life.


  • It follows that studying alone can help improve your focus since you can already minimize your distractions. However, make sure to turn the WIFI off or your phone off.


  • You can study on our own pace. If you want to set a target of reading 50 or 10 pages in an hour, you can do so. With meals and power nap in between, of course. Point is, you can determine the speed of your studying.


Why group study works?


  • Helps you better understand the subject that you are studying. Discussions with your will help you better articulate your understanding about the matter and listen to the ideas of your group as well.


  • Allows you to listen to different views and insights. Thus, you can have access to more information about the subject. Sharing of insights and discussing it among your group will enhance your critical thinking skills as well.


  • Helps your boost your motivation. If studying alone can be a pretty boring for some, group study can be motivating and encouraging. However, just make sure that your group study members have the same goal as yours, which is to help each other study. It would be futile to be in a group with members who have no interest in studying at all.

So, what study habit, studying alone or with a group do you think best suit you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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