GCA Tackles Wellness For Teachers, Parents In Celebration Of World Teachers’ Day

GCA Tackles Wellness For Teachers, Parents In Celebration Of World Teachers’ Day

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of their mental and physical well-being amidst the global pandemic, but this awareness also requires proper action, and not everybody knows that. It’s for this reason that Great Christian Academy (GCA) has and continues to offer resources and programs to help our community keep their mental health and overall wellness in check. 

Last November, GCA hosted a webinar dwelling on the topic “Wellness For Teachers, Parents: Maintaining A Healthy Body And Mind” as part of its celebration for World Teachers’ Day 2020. The talk featured an interactive conversation with Mrs. Pauline Diacoma Dy, a professional wellness coach in the Philippines. 

Mrs. Dy has dedicated her life to helping people develop goals and strategies that can improve their overall health behaviors ever since she found her calling. She’s currently affiliated with HerbalLife Nutrition Philippines, the local counterpart of one of the biggest nutrition and weight management companies in the world.

Equipped with proper knowledge and experience, our guest speaker introduced the Pillars of Good Health—in which her entire discussion was based. She stressed the importance of each and every pillar below, as well as the different ways to achieve them. 

  • Nutrition
  • Purpose and driven living
  • Exercise for wellness 
  • Yoga for mind and body
  • Relax for wellness
  • Sleep for wellness
  • Be positive for wellness

Altogether, Mrs. Dy carefully proved and explained how physical health and mental health go hand in hand and how both of them are equally important. Parents and teachers shouldn’t neglect self-care in order to protect their long-term well-being and provide the best care and assistance to the young generation.  

“Our life is amazing. We deserve a great life, everyone—parents, teachers, our children. We’re just waiting for a beautiful life in which we consider our health. God has given us this opportunity. We’re the only ones who can decide what is right and wrong when it comes to our health,” said Mrs. Dy in her closing statement. 

Health is indeed wealth, so we should treasure it constantly. If you learned a lot from this webinar, watch out for more GCA discussions on physical and mental wellness through our Facebook and official website.

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