GCA Promotes Nutrition Month Through Poster Making Contest

By: Ma. Julienne C. Arcilla

Grade 10 – Elijah


           This year’s nutrition month, Great Christian Academy ensured us that students must not only be aware of health-related issues but also get the chance to showcase their talents through different contests such as Nutri-Jingle, Cooking Contest, and most importantly, Poster-Making and Slogan Contest.


              For most people, poster-making and slogans are just for art enthusiasts. But it could also be a source of relaxation, joy, and experience. GCA also conducted its poster-making and slogan competition for this year, which was supervised by our TLE teacher, Ms. Ellen Joy Villanueva. Of course, every contest must have criterions in order to determine which work is the best. First: Variety of colors: 25% Second: Relevance to the Theme: 25% Third: Creativity: 25% and Lastly: The cleanliness of the artwork itself.


             For the high school category, there were many participants and representatives per section; however, only three artworks were chosen as the best for slogan and poster-making. For the Poster-Making Contest, Tiffany Kate of Grade 7-Simon was placed at the first. Having Beah Gonzales of Grade 8-Matthew for the second place and Ma. Julienne C. Arcilla of Grade 10-Elijah being the third. For the Slogan Contest, which was held at the same day as the poster-making, Zairylle Danica Navarroza of Grade 9-Peter won the first place. While Dianne Claire Nocon of Grade 10-Elijah and Clarisse Guevarra and Kyla Matira of Grade 9-Paul and Grade 9-Peter placed as the second and third placers.



             Great Christian Academy indeed has a lot of talented students. Of course, all of the artworks, including the ones that did not get recognized, were a product of hard work and creativity. May the school continue to train and nurture the talents of these students.  To everyone who participated, may you continue to create amazing artworks!

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