GCA Hosts Its First-Ever Virtual Christmas Program

GCA Hosts Its First-Ever Virtual Christmas Program

In actuality, Christmas celebrations in the Philippines were either canceled or greatly scaled back as COVID-19 outbreaks surge across the country and a new variant that is reportedly more contagious has been detected. Amidst this all, Great Christian Academy (GCA) found the perfect alternative to celebrate the holidays.

Full video of the Christmas presentation:

The world came to a standstill when the COVID-19 pandemic started, but it shouldn’t break our Christian spirit. Traditional Christmas celebrations may be canceled, but GCA successfully celebrated its first virtual Christmas party last December 18, 2020 and united our community of parents, teachers, and students staying at home. 

“The holidays are a window to pause, even if briefly, and relax. Let this virtual Christmas party serve as your break from 2020 and your ladder to 2021, a new year full of hope and opportunities,” GCA stated in the opening remarks. 

The opening prayer was led by Ms Aileen Casision, who reminded everyone that the true reason to celebrate the Christmas season is our savior, Jesus Christ. 

Via Zoom, the GCA community came together to witness dance and song numbers, creative presentation, and other virtual programs prepared by students and teachers. There were students in full Christmas outfits, dancing to the latest music and singing classic Christmas songs. 

From what everyone has witnessed that night, it was clear that GCA’s talented students have put a lot of effort to put a smile on everyone’s faces and honor the birth of Christ. The limitations of technology were non-existent to them.

At the end of the program, GCA presented videos and photographs from the school’s previous Christmas party celebrations pre-pandemic. It was a way to remind and reassure everyone that there is still hope amidst these difficult times. Although this year and beyond won’t be the same, there’s a future to look forward to. 

GCA’s first-ever virtual Christmas party lasted for about 34 minutes, but the memories from the event will surely last a lifetime. Join us for more celebrations as a community in the future!

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