Family Activities You Can Enjoy at Home

Family Activities You Can Enjoy at Home

While the COVID-19 pandemic still looms, Filipino families are starting to feel the profound effects of being stuck in confined spaces for long periods of time. Parenting has never been more challenging than it is today, and parents living with young children and teenagers can attest to that.

Life in isolation can either be stressful or boring—there’s no in between. As such, we need to do something to break the ice. To our parents, ask your children to put their smartphones down once in a while and have them enjoy these safe stay-at-home activities below.

Start A Family Garden

Surely, you’ve already read or heard about the rise of “plantitas” and “plantitos” in the Philippines. Filipinos today turn to plants to cope with stress and improve their overall health. As such, family gardening can be the perfect collaborative activity for parents and children. Shop for indoor plants and assign gardening activities to your children on a regular basis. 

Host A Movie Night

Family movie night is perhaps one of the most common family activities out there, but it never loses its magic. Cook your favorite snacks, set up the entertainment room, and get through a boring day with family-friendly movies that you can stream online. 

Create New Family Recipes

Since we’re stuck at home, parents now have more opportunities to cook for and with the family. Months into quarantine could surely change the usual cravings of your children, so experiment on new family recipes together. Try to improve your daily ulam, bake pastries, and invest in healthy ingredients.

Organize Games Or Fun Physical Activities

Many teenagers and children hate the act of exercising, and even adults too. If you want to stay physically fit without actually working out, organize indoor physical games and activities with your children. Plan a treasure hunt, make obstacle courses, or play sports.

Support Your Local Community From Home

We’re still in a pandemic, and your local community needs you more than ever. Together, come up with actions and activities that can help your neighborhood. You can donate food or clothes, promote local businesses online, and make connections with your neighbors. Do enjoyable and rewarding family activities that can spark change.

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