Did you know that the kind of elementary education that you provide your child will determine how the child will fare later on in life? It is a fact that a child’s first teachers are the people who will set the bar for their learning. Teachers or the academic institution per see influences a child’s perception on the importance of education and its role on their lives. With this said, an elementary school in Paranaque like Great Christian Academy does not teach ABCs alone, but also hone their capabilities that would help learners develop well-rounded personalities. Hence, elementary schools are the perfect venue where learners are shaped into becoming well-rounded individuals.



With this said, Great Christian Academy, an elementary school in Paranaque, instill in every learner a love for school and hunger for learning. It is also a safe place where learners first experience socialization with people outside their family. Thus, GCA offers opportunities and venues for learners to participate in non-academic activities like sports and the arts; participation could help develop their emotional and psychological maturity.


More so, teachers are great influencers as they are the key to ignite an interest in various subjects like math, science, and others. The fear of math, for example, could probably stem from the teacher’s failure to present math through fun and engaging ways. Hence, GCA’s faculty and staff are thoroughly screened to ensure that every GCA community member upholds the GCA standards in providing quality and innovative education.


Lastly, as a Christian elementary school in Paranaque, GCA bridges the learners relationship with God and inculcating the Christian’s values that will help GCA learners become 21st century Christian citizens. By putting God first, others second, and self last, all opportunities and successes,no matter if it is big or small, are offered to His glory.