How Can Parents Help Their Kids Succeed at Home Schooling?

success in schoolThey say, it takes a village to raise a child. To simply put, the foundation of your child’s values and education starts at home, but a village or the community including the academic institution that your child is in also have a bearing on how your child will become someday. Most parents, however, pass on the responsibility of their child’s education to the teachers. Although teachers have a great responsibility to teach your child, parents must share the responsibility to ensure that the child excels or succeeds at school.

But how can parents help their kids do well at homeschooling? Here are are some tips.

 1. Forge a parent-teacher relationship

Aside from developing your child’s mental capabilities, your child also learns social skills at school. Needless to say, your child’s teachers will be the one to assess your child’s academic performance and social development. That is why it is important to openly communicate with the teachers.

2. Show your child that you support him

Ask the teachers for feedback on how your child fares at school. However, it is to note that the feedback on your child’s performance is not meant to criticize your child. Feedbacks should be used as basis for both teachers and parents to determine the cause of a child’s poor academic performance or low social skills. Needless to say, some children who are under stressed because of their domestic situation (family or financial problems) may easily get distracted and lost focus on his academics. Once the cause of your child’s challenges were identified, take necessary steps to support your child to further help him improve or correct his ways.

3. Create a structure for academic learning at home

  • Work with your child to plan his or her day. Creating a schedule is an important part of establishing a new normal when a child’s typical routine is disrupted. Post the schedule in an easy-to-see place to help guide your child.
    • Be sure to include breaks in your child’s learning schedule.
    • Try to keep your child on a routine, this will make it easier for them to transition back to school.
    • Make sure their schoolwork time fits with your family’s schedule.
  • When possible, allow your child choices. For example, if your child has been assigned two journal topics for the week allow them the option of which one to do first, or if they have free reading time, give them a choice of two books to pick from.
  • For younger children or children who may need more structure, try using a timer or other tool such as a smartphone, so your child knows when to switch activities.

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