Campus Revolution for Christ

by Crisha Joy R. Casison

Great Christian Academy held its first ever chapel service and life group for the school year 2018-2019. It was a great opportunity to start the year. Jesus the Foundation, the church partnered with GCA, were the ones who organized the activity.

Many youth leaders from JTF volunteered to lead the life group of the High school division. Praise and worship songs were played during the chapel service that really encouraged the students. Ptr. Darwin Reyes was the person whom God used as an instrument to share the good news. The main goal of the said activities were to win the students for Jesus, strengthen their faith and for God to be the center of the campus.

One thing that a person should learn is how to communicate with God. The first step in communicating with God is through prayer and learning how strong the power a prayer can have. Great Christian Academy teaches the students on how to be united in prayer. It was done through the prayer chain that were held every Monday. Mrs. Aileen Casison, the grade 1 adviser, Sir Tony Bas, a TLE major teacher, and Sir Bryan Onate, an ACE teacher were the ones who lead the students in prayer. It was successful because God is good.

God must really be embedded in the lives of the GCAians. Indeed, a CAMPUS REVOLUTION for Christ! Changing the lives of the students to be better individuals.

To God be all the glory!

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