Author And Entrepreneur Chinkee Tan Encourages Parents To Raise Money-Smart Children At “Parenting in the Digital Age” Seminar

Chinkee Tan, also known as “Mr. Chink Positive!”, graced the auditorium of Great Christian Academy (GCA) last (date) to lead the “Parenting in the Digital Age” seminar and inspire the new generation of parents and children.

Attended by teachers, parents, and guardians from GCA, the annual seminar focuses on helping parents raise their children the modern way. GCA knows that parenting shouldn’t be done alone. Brave fathers and mothers also need help from the experts, especially now that we’re living in a modern era dominated by technological innovations. Taking that into account, GCA invited Chinkee Tan to help parents take the right path in this year’s seminar.

Mr. Tan is the perfect fit for this year’s theme. He is a father, author, motivational speaker, radio personality, and entrepreneur who has a vast knowledge about raising children and budgeting money. He believes that “financial literacy is the key to financial freedom”, regardless of age. So, in teaching parents how to be parents in this digital age, Mr. Tan shared his ‘Top Secrets To Raising Money-Smart Children’ in the seminar.

Mr. Tan talked about the different steps on how to make children understand the value of money. In summary, he urged every guardian and parent to raise risk-takers, problem solvers, and change-makers. Here are some of the steps Mr. Tan mentioned in the seminar, as well as in his published books and blogs:

Instill An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Put children in a state of mind where they can overcome challenges, grab opportunities, and take accountability. In order to become an entrepreneur, their motivation should start from one mindset.

Mold Them While They’re Young

Start them young. Mold them while it’s early. People often identify their paths to success and life goals during their early years. 

Teach Them The Concept Of Money

Help children develop financial understanding by introducing them to the concept of money. Teach them the value of Philippine Peso, and encourage them to save based on the allotted budget.

Expose Them To Mentors And Experts

Be a smart parent, but also expose children to other mentors and experts. These experts need not come from business fields. Parents just need someone who can inspire and motivate children to reach their goals and respect the value of money. 

Help Them Get Started

Give them the resources to get started in forms of allowances and rewards. They can start saving and budgeting if parents give them the go signal.

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