About Us

About Us

Great Christian Academy espouses holistic learning through innovative learning approaches that helps shape the learner’s foundation into becoming a virtuous and productive 21st century citizen.

To ensure that GCA, provides your child with quality education, our academic institution follow to heart these objectives:

  • Nurtures spiritual development by aspiring to develop the students’ healthy spiritual relationship with God. As a Christian school, the academic institution aspires to bring the students closer to God and proclaim the salvation of Christ.
  • Equips learners with sound values, spiritual and moral values, which will enable him to think and live in a manner befitting an educated Christian Filipino in the 21st century.
  • Nurtures learning potentials and capabilities through participation in innovative learning processes that will establish and hone their knowledge and life skills.
  • Facilitates aptitude development through the provision of a comfortable and conducive learning environment that is fun, engaging and stimulating to the learners.
  • Provides venue for a well-balanced citizenry by providing an academic environment that develops critical thinking through arts and humanities. GCA serves as a venue for students to make informed and learned choices that will prepare them to be productive individuals and members of the community in a democratic society.
  • Provides holistic development by providing learners various venues that would develop and enhance them spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our dedication to provide our learners with venue and opportunities where they are shaped to become well-rounded individuals through holistic learning approaches and opportunities, and instilling Christian values are the foremost reasons why GCA is special.

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