9 Ways to Memorize Quickly

The mind’s capacity to remember and store information is simply amazing. However, many are struggling to remember important pieces of information, especially those that are deemed necessary comes exam day. But don’t fret since there are ways to memorize quickly. Here are some tips to help you fire up your memorizing abilities.

  • Say it aloud. This trick is one of the ways to memorize quickly will help you better remember the names of the people you’ve just met or words that you’ve just encountered.


  • Try to exaggerate. If you’ve meet a new classmate named, Danny, try exaggerating the name and say it aloud. It may be funny to say ‘Daaannniiiee’ but it will help you remember.  


  • Say it over and over. Repetition of the names or new terms (words) will help you remember and memorize it.


  • Try visual memory. Connecting the name or word to an image helps you visualize the significance of the name or word.


  • Remember the keywords. It is indeed hard to remember a sentence or a paragraph. But what you need to remember is the concept or the context of what you are trying to memorize.


  • Try explaining the concept in your own words. This will help you better understand the word that you are trying to learn, which eventually helps you remember or memorize the word.


  • Practice makes perfect. This practically applies to everything. So, it may it be learning a new study habit or improving your memorization skills, practice is a way to fire up your memorization skills.  


  • Form a habit. Spend an hour or two every day to practice your skills for better memorization.


  • Make it fun. You can make use of games to train your mind. Memorization games is more effective if you can make it more fun by asking your friends to join.


Do you have other tips on ways to memorize quickly? Tell us in the comment section below.


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