5 Effective Study Habits

If you want to do better in school, it is time to rethink of your study habits. Your habits affect how you retain and understand information. Needless to say, effective study habits can significantly improve your performance at school.


Here are some study habit tips on how to study smarter.


  • Change your approach to studying. If you view studying as a task or you were forced to it, you will end up memorizing what you need to know. Forcing yourself to study is not the right mindset if you are aiming to learn effective study habits. What you need to do is to look at studying as an opportunity to learn new things and find the joy in the discovery of knowledge.


  • Find the right environment to study. Find a spot in your home where you could study in peace or without distractions. You can set up a study table in your bedroom and condition yourself that the spot is a place for you to study and learn. If you are at school, a bench in the school park or a secluded spot in the library might be perfect.  


  • Avoid distractions. You may need your computer to study but it can be a source for distractions as well, especially if it was connected to the internet. If you can, don’t bring your computer and turn off your mobile devices. If you truly need your laptop, better not to have an internet connection.


  • Create a review outline or have a to-do list. Listing down the things that you need to study first will help you focus. For some, rewriting their notes help them better remember the things that are most important.


  • Practice makes perfect. If you are learning a new habit, it is best to stick to it. It will help you condition your mind to follow through the new study habits.


It was said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, doing it over and over will lead you to form new effective study habits.

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