10 Ways To Make Studying Fun

There are days when studying is easy. But there are days when retaining information is mentally demanding.  So, why not make studying fun? Here are 20 ways on how to make studying enjoyable and eventually help you retain information better and faster.

  • Make use of technology. You can collaborate with your classmates to make studying interactive and fun. You can create a chat group where one classmate can throw in questions that other members can quickly answer.
  • Put on some music and get on the groove. For some, dancing to their fave beats help them study better. But try to choose relaxing tunes instead of music with lyrics, which can be distracting for some.
  • Isn’t it fun to use colorful post its or note pads with fun designs? Try it now!
  • Use colorful jelly pens or colored pens to mark your notes. You may also use highlighters to mark or highlight important points.
  • If you are fond of music and singing, use the keywords or important points of the subject you are studying and sing it to your favorite tune.
  • Prepare healthy and fun snacks to nibble and get your mind off the stress of studying. To make it more fun, you reward yourself one chocolate bar in every 50 pages or so of reading. Hope it will keep you motivated.
  • Read the text aloud. If reading silently lull you to sleep, try reading it aloud. You can even use different voices to make it fun.
  • Use a flashcard. It will help you memorize better and faster. And to make it fun, ask your classmates or your best friend to study with you.
  • Create a poster or a visual aid. This is a good and creative tool, especially for those who are having a hard time memorizing.

  • Get creative and change the terms like those in problem solving. Instead of the usual Ben bought five apples and five bananas and so on, you substitute it with Ben bought five golden wands and unicorns. Golden wands and unicorns are far more interesting than apples and bananas, right?

So, what do you think of these 10 fun ideas? If you have other fun ideas that can help fellow students learn faster and better, tell us in the comment section below.

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