How To Utilize ‘Life Skills’ To Help Children Become More Responsible Citizens

As a parent and a role model, expect your children to learn longtime ‘life skills’ from you. These are the skills that can help them become more responsible individuals in schools and communities. As such, the best time to educate them is now.


Here’s how you can spark change and teach children the meaning of responsibility using life skills and life lessons:


Get Them To Do Regular Chores 


Assigning regular household chores to children not only helps them learn the value of responsibility, but it also teaches them to acknowledge privilege. As soon as they’re able, start asking them to pick up cluttered toys, set and clear the table, or put away dirty laundry. When they’re older, teach them how to sweep the floor or water the plants. Each task should be age-appropriate. 


Always Schedule Family Time


Mandatory family time helps forge long-lasting bonds and connections among family members. Make sure to always spend your evening meals together. If possible, set family activities during your free time every weekend or holidays. 


Teach Them Personal Money Management 


A child’s path to financial freedom starts with personal money management. Once they know the monetary value of their local currency, make them responsible for all their purchases—lunches, snacks, toys, and more. Give them daily or weekly allowances, and teach them how to save their extra money. 


Share The Importance Of Commitments And Failures 


Children need to take responsibility for all their words and actions. When they promised to do something—whether it’s a household chore or school activity—help them fulfill these promises. But children, like adults, also have their limits. Help them deal with failure when they make a mistake. 


Manage Media Consumption


Don’t worry, you have every right to monitor your children’s media consumption if you just introduced them to modern technology and social media. Filter the media they consume, and watch out for harmful content. 


Practice Positive Discipline


Children can make a lot of mistakes when navigating the world. As a parent, help them learn from these mistakes. Discipline them fairly and accordingly. More than that, evaluate the gravity and effectiveness of your punishment methods. 


Promote Spiritual Growth


Be a godly influence on your children. Teach them the value of responsibility emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Aside from life skills and lessons you can teach them as a parent, also refer to God’s teachings. Teach them how to deal with different situations by referring to the actions of God, Jesus, and other biblical characters. 


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