Enrollment is ongoing at Great Christian Academy

Great Christian Academy (GCA) welcomes new enrollees for the Academic Year 2019-2020. The premiere private school in Paranaque is now opening the enrollment for students from kindergarten to Grades 1-10.

The holistic learning through innovative learning approaches of Great Christian Academy aids in molding the children into virtuous and productive citizens of the 21st century. Guide your children to be the best Christian Filipinos that will lead our nation. Great Christian Academy aspires to bring students closer to God and nurture their spiritual relationships with Him.

Moreover, Great Christian Academy strives to shape the learners with sound values and shapes young minds spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally, befitting of an educated Christian Filipino in the 21st century.

Equipped with great facilities and trained teachers, Great Christian Academy guides and develops its students to be well-rounded individuals that will be the future leaders of the society. The premier private school in Paranaque prepares learners to be critical thinkers of the 21st century with a suitable academic environment catered towards the arts and humanities. Various cultivating activities were plotted and integrated within the drafted DepEd Basic Education Curriculum to let children prosper in both academic and non-academic endeavors.

Great Christian Academy is located at the heart of the bustling city of the South, 747 Sun Valley Drive, Sun Valley, Paranaque City.

Walk-in and online applicants are accepted. You may check out the admission requirements for the A.Y. 2019-2020 using this link.

You may also contact 8244436 or 8214598 or email info@greatchristianacademy.com for inquiries and more information.

With its aspirations to nurture children with Christian Filipino morals and values, Great Christian Academy guarantees its full support the academic and non-academic activities of its students.  Get the quality education your children deserve at Great Christian Academy, the premier private school in Paranaque.

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