Great Christian Academy Partners with Aksento Music School

Great Christian Academy forged a partnership with Aksento Music School starting school year 2018-2019. The music program aims to further enhance child development through practical music lessons and the creation of GCA Choir.

(From left to right; JV Vismonte, Guitar teacher, Isaac Iglesias, Voice teacher, Jayson Liwanag, Drums teacher, Jesseca G. Flamiano, in-charge of Marketing and Co-Curricular Affairs, Judith Panopio, Founder, Aksento Music School, Dem Mokamad, Piano teacher and Founder of Aksento Music School)


According to Jesseca G. Flamiano, Marketing Director and Co-curricular Affairs Head, “Music can impact child development, accelerate their learning skills, and social skills. From birth, parents even use music to soothe and calm a child. Music is also used to express joy and love.”


Researches even show that music helps develop brain development, especially in the areas of language and reading. “Exposing kids to music even help them build their motor skills and strengthen memory skills,” she said. Needless to say, music gives kids lots of benefits.


“Aksento will handle our music subjects. But instead of the usual lecture where students learn music theories, our students will have more hands-on music sessions,” Flamiano explained.


“All GCA students will have a chance to learn how to play an instrument and appreciate music better. However, selected students that show music potential will be trained separately on guitar, piano, voice, ukelele and drums. More so, students will have a chance to join GCA’s choir group and will have opportunities to join local choir competitions.” Dem Mokamad, President of Aksento Music School added.

GCA’s partnership with Aksento Music School will start this coming school year 2018-2019. For inquiries, call please call 821-4598, 824-4436, 09989573493 or email

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